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Dog walking field For Hire in Somerset

Eva's Green is a private field designed for training and running dogs. Inspired by Eva, the rescue dog, the field provides a solution for owners that want to run their reactive or high prey drive dogs off lead. We provide a relaxing space where you can build a stronger relationship with your dog though training with few distractions - a preparation for the real world. At Eva's Green you will not have to worry about that feeling of panic as another person or dog approaches and there certainly wont be any awkward shouting 'can you put your dog on the lead!'


We have 2 fields available. Field A is 4 acres and Field B is just over 3 acres, both have 6ft deer fencing and gates and galvanised wire around the bottom of the fence 1 ft high. We are situated in South Somerset between Shepton Mallet, Somerton and Yeovil.

Dog walking field For Hire in Somerset
  • 6ft deer fencing and gates and galvanised wire pegged to the ground at least 1ft high all the way around the field.

  • Hard standing parking area

  • Poo bin

  • Regularly cut grass

  • Easy access from the A37 and A303

  • Exclusive use for you and your dog

  • Prepaid packages available

  • Flexible online booking options to fit around you

  • Designed for reactive or high prey drive dogs or dogs with little or no recall

  • We do not have toilets at Eva's Green. However, we do have services 1-2 miles away including Lydford On Fosse, Sparkford, Podimore.

  • Open 5am until 10pm every day.


We also offer prepaid packages which offer you a 20-30% saving on the prices below. Please go to the 'Prepaid Packages' to find out more.

50 minute walk for 1-2 dogs   -  £10.00

50 minute walk for 3 dogs     -  £12.00

50 minute walk for 4 dogs     -  £14.00

50 minute walk for 5 dogs     -  £16.00

50 minute walk for 6-15 dogs  - £18.00

Double slot of 1 hour 50 minutes from £18.00

If you would like to bring dogs from different households please contact us first. 

Dog Field Somerset


Eva is a Dutch Herder who came to live with us in February 2016. When we collected Eva, we were presented with the notes from the rescue centres she had previously attended. Turns out she originally came from the Netherlands, but we have very little idea of how she ended up in a rescue centre in the UK.  As a family, we are all quite experienced dog owners, but with Eva we felt out of our depth! Over the last 2 years through a lot of perseverance. Eva has come on in leaps and bounds and is finally able to live as a normal dog. Eva has now started agility and scentwork lessons and she competes at entry level.

We truly believe that we would not have been able to cope with Eva had we not had the space for her to run and train with no distractions. We have slowly been able to increase the level of distraction including other dogs. She now lives happily with our other 3 dogs and is able to play and interact with them! She does find certain situations challenging, but she has turned into such a happy girl and we all absolutely adore her!

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