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Group Bookings

You may organise to bring dogs from different households if you email us at least 24 hours before your booking is due to start. Everyone attending must have sign up with us and agree to the terms and conditions via an online form and you must forward this to the other person attending yourself. If you invite dogs from different households without asking you will be asked to leave our field. 

Please contact us here to arrange this. 

  • ​We charge £10 for the first 1-2 dogs and £2 per extra dog after that. 

  • Depending on how many people you are expecting and the time of day you would prefer, we may request you to book 2 or 3 x 50 minute slots. We may also request that you adjust the start time and finish time of your walk to quarter past to quarter to the hour. This ensures that guests have adequate time and space to get in and out. For example you would book 12pm -2pm and your walk would run from 12.15pm to 1.45pm. 

  • If you are bringing a large group and you have people in your party who have not been before, we may need to meet you and show you in so we will need to arrange a time which is at a convenient time for this.


  • Group bookings can be arranged up to 2 months in advance subject to availability.

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