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Eva's Picks!

We often get asked who we recommend in the local area so we have put together a list of dog businesses which we think are great! They are all positive reinforcement based using no aversive training methods. As many of these companies offer lots of services I have listed them under their main service and added any additional services below the title.

Disclaimer: We recommend these businesses however we have no affiliation with any of them so please make your own decisions on the training or handling methods. Remember your dog can't communicate verbally so it is up to you to be their advocate.


Speacialists in problem behaviours like recall, reactivity and loose lead walking.

Some are also trainers of dog sports.

Eye 2 Eye Dogs (Clevedon)


Eye 3 Eye Dogs Facebook Page

Positively Understanding Pooches (PUP)

Training/Behaviour/Dog sitting

Facebook Page

Attune Dog Training (Yeovil)

Behaviour/training walks/socialisation

Attune Dog Training Facebook Page

Big Dog Little Dog (Yeovil)

Dog walking

Big Dog Little Dog Facebook Page


The Dog House

Handmade dog toys/puppy classes/agility training

The Dog House Facebook Page​

Online Training


We love online dog training as you can learn and practise at home, without having to go to a class and manage your dog in a new and possibly more stressful environment.


School of Canine Science

Susan Garrett

Recallers Programme

Susan Garrett Recallers

Susan Garrett Facebook Page

Dog walkers, day care and sitters

Positively Understanding Pooches (PUP)

Training/Behaviour/Dog sitting

Facebook Page



Eva's Groom

(Charlton Adam, next door to Eva's Green)

Eva's Groom Facebook Page

Dog Sports Training

Scentwork Wessex (Longbridge Deverill)

Scentwork UK

Scentwork Wessex Facebook Page

Charlotte Harding Agility Training (Clutton/Blagdon)

Charlotte Harding Agility Facebook Page

4 Legs Dog Training (Yeovil)

4 Legs Dog Training Facebook Page

Bonny Quick Agility (Wellington)

Win Agility Online agility training

Bonny Quick Agility Facebook Page


Canine Health

Brookbarn Canine Rehabilitation


Veerle Dejonckheere

Chiropractic care/Acupuncture/Physiotherapy/Herbal Medicine/Nutrition

Nicky Grant

Win Clinic

Nicky Grant Physio Facebook Page​

Raw Dog Food

The Blue Dog

The Blue Dog Facebook Page

The Dogs Butcher

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