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You can buy prepaid packages of walks and save money. Please go to our 'Prepaid Packages' page to see our offers.


Admittance is by appointment only - please do not just turn up.

If you have any queries please contact us.

The field is open 6am until 10pm everyday

The office is open between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday for any queries. 

If you haven't visited before you are required to book a 'new customer induction and 50 minute walk' so that we can send you all the relevant information for your first visit.


Below you will find the top points in our terms and conditions, our full terms and conditions are here. You will need to agree to the full terms before making a booking.

In making a booking with us, you agree that:

  • You agree to make sure you have received and read your booking confirmation email before arrival.

  • We will not take responsibility for any damage caused to you, your dog/s or any item of property or if your dog/s escapes from the field. You agree to take full responsibility for your own and your dog's safety and and anyone you choose to bring with you and their dog/s. You agree to use the field at your own risk. 

  • You agree to check the fences each time you visit and assess whether it is suitable to keep your dog safe. This is entirely your responsibility. 

  • You will pick up all dog poo and place it in the bin provided.

  • You agree that you have third party dog insurance and/or will take full financial responsibility for any damage caused by you or your dog, regardless of who is to blame.

  • You will not let your cause damage to the field. If you or your dog causes any damage to the field, equipment or other user of the field or their dog you will report it immediately. This includes digging holes, chewing any equipment or driving into gate posts etc.

  • Any commercial client (day care, dog walker or trainer etc) using the field does so under their own business insurance and will take full financial responsibilty for any injury or damage to themselves or a clients dog. 

  • You or your dogs will not enter the car park or field while there is someone else using the field. If there is any issue you agree to visit the house at Clover Hill Farm or call to get assistance from us.

  • You agree that sessions are 50 minutes long, starting on the hour. This allows for a smooth changeover between visitors. You will leave the premises immediately after your walk so as not to disturb the next visitor. If you arrive early for or overrun your session or disturb another customer we reserve the right to charge you for the following or previous session.

Other things to note:

  • We do not have toilets at Eva's Green. However we do have services 1-2 miles away including Lydford On Fosse, Sparkford, Podimore.

  • Eva's Green is a field and will be muddy in the winter, you will require wellies or walking boots. It is uneven ground and also has rabbit warrens, holes and bumps. We do not have dog washing facilities so please bring a towel for your dogs feet. 

  • If you would like to bring more than 15 dogs to the field or book for a special event please contact us here.



50 minute walk for 1-2 dogs   -  £10.00

50 minute walk for 3 dogs     -  £12.00

50 minute walk for 4 dogs     -  £14.00

50 minute walk for 5 dogs     -  £16.00

50 minute walk for 6 - 15 dogs  - £18.00

The Picnic Session - 1 hour 50 minutes from £18.00

You can now buy prepaid bundles of walks and save 20-30% on your walks.

Please go to our 'Prepaid Bundles' page to see our offers!

To organise a walk for more than 15 dogs please contact us here.


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