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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the time and date of a booking?

You can change a booking up to 6 hours before your appointment time. Click 'sign in' on the menu bar and sign in to your account. Click 'my bookings'. There you can change the date and time of your booking free of charge. If you have used a promotional code that has expired you will need to pay the difference as the code will no longer be applicable. You may use an alternative code if you have one. All changes of bookings must take place through this process as we are not able to change bookings via email or facebook messages. Please do not ask us to change your booking without 6 hours notice as we are unable to do this. If you change a booking with less than 6 hours notice you will be charged the full amount of the booking for the new date and time. Please note if you are rearranging a booking which you have paid for using prepaid credits, you will need to make sure the new date is not before the prepaid credit package expires as otherwise you will be charged the full cost of booking the new date. Please contact us here before you change the booking if this happens.

I own miniature Houdini! Is the field suitable for small dogs?

We often have toy breeds and small terriers visiting with no problems. In both fields we have rabbit wire mesh around the bottom of the deer fence up to around 1 ft. Please contact us first if you are at all concerned. Your dogs safety is your responsibility when you are at the field so we want you to feel completely comfortable when letting them off the lead. Please always check the fencing with them on lead before letting them off the lead. 

Do you allow XL Bullies?

Yes we offer a space to walk your XL Bully without a lead or a muzzle. We require you to read and agree to the terms outlined here.

Can my dog bring a friend?

You may organise to bring dogs from different households if you email us at least 48 hours before your booking is due to start. Everyone attending must have sign up with us and agree to the terms and conditions via an online form and you must forward this to the other person attending yourself. If you invite dogs from different households without asking you will be asked to leave our field. Please be aware that there will be a £10 penalty for anyone arriving early or leaving late or disturbing another customers booking.

What are your opening times?

The field is open from 5am to 10pm every day. The office is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday for queries.

Can I bring friends or family?

We charge per dog so you may bring as many people as you like and we do allow children. However, please note Eva's Green that although the grass is cut regularly, it is unmanicured farmland and there are rabbit holes, lumps and bumps and some stinging nettles. The person which booked the visit to Eva's Green will be responsible for all people and dogs on their walk.

Can I get a discount for my friends and family?

Yes! You can get a free walk every time you refer someone to us and you can get your friends and family 20% off their first booking. Check out our 'Ruffural Club' here for more information.

Please contact us here if you have any other questions.

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