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An Update for XL Bully Owners

Updated: Jan 15

Xl bullies are welcome at Eva's Green and we look forward to providing a safe space for you and your dog. Please find all the relevant information at the button below. If you are a visitor without an XL bully please be aware that we will have XL bullies visiting and it is even more important that you ensure arrival and departure times are adhered to due to legal requirements.

Dog requirements:

- Registered with the Index of Exempted Dog (IED)

- Provide a copy of the life certificate in case of a claim

- Provide a copy of Public liability insurance certificate for the dog


Safety measures:

- Neutered dog in line with Government Rules

- Microchipped


Field conditions:

- Dog on a lead and muzzled when entering and leaving

- Lead and muzzle optional once inside the secured field

- You will need to lock yourself into the field (the road gate has a lock) when you are in.


Multiple dogs:

- If dogs are from the same household they can visit with 1 handler for all dogs.

- If joined by another household both owners must sign in as normal and the XL bully must remain on lead and muzzled at all times. Banned breed dog must have a dedicated handler in this case. 

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